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Gravity Boulder

We developed our special bouldering chalk bag in collaboration with professional athletes. The roll top ensures it closes tightly and is easily compressed. There is more than enough room for chalk ball and hands inside the bag.
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  • 3400 navy-granite (grey-blue)
    3400 navy-granite (grey-blue)
Weight :
140 g
Size :
28 / 30 / 20 (H x W x D) cm


The lightweight version of our Nylon Pocket Rip. The thin yarn is extremely lightweight. Yet the tight weave makes it extremely abrasion and tear resistant.
420D PA
This slightly lighter material is characterized by a very tight and smooth weave. This increases the abrasion value and its repellent attributes against snow and dirt. Due to the smooth polyamide filaments, the material reaches a higher gloss level. Used with a PU coating.
* D stands for Denier. It describes the weight of the yarn. 600D is equivalent to 600 grams per 9000 meters.
* PES stands for polyester. PES fibers are very tear and abrasion resistant and absorb hardly any moisture.
* PA stands for polyamide. PA fibers are extremely durable and abrasion resistant. In addition, they are characterized by high elasticity and low weight.
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